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1. What is PadoBoost?

PadoBoost is a New Zealand based company (NZBN: 9429046507402). PadoBoost is an Elo Boosting Service with the intentions to provide the highest quality service while keeping prices as low as possible. This service was launched after we realized there was a big market share gap in the Elo Boosting Industry where clients were not satisfied with their orders while paying insane prices! With our business model and years of experience in this area, PadoBoost was created to serve clients who want their desired results met and given affordable pricing.

2. How does it work?

First, you select the type of service you want, input all necessary information needed on the order page. Once you pay via the secure G2A Payment Gateway you will be redirected to your order dashboard where you can input your account details to get your order started. It's as simple as that!

3. How long will my boost take to complete?

The average time for our boosters to complete orders is 2-7 days (including weekends) but there is no exact time as to when your order will be completed mainly because of factors like how many games, divisions or tiers you have bought. If you are not satisfied with the speed of your order feel free to contact our support live chat and we will do everything to sort out the situation.

4. Will my rune pages be changed?

To ensure our boosters play to the best of their abilities, we ask clients to respect our boosters rune preferences. Therefore, it is mandatory that our boosters are able to utilise one of your rune pages.

5. Why are your prices cheap?

Please do not mistake cheap prices as a low-quality service, as we provide features that other boosting companies do if not more! One thing our business does different to every other service is giving our boosters a fair pay cut while giving them higher commission (based on their performance) and also utilising less mark up to our clients.
In result our clients orders are completed faster and allow us to provide a service as good (if not better) as other Boosting Service out there at a cheaper price point.

6. Can I get banned for purchasing elo boosting?

From the thousands of orders we have completed, we have not heard anything back from clients telling us they were banned for being elo boosted. This is mainly due to our strict VPN policy where every account is logged with a unique IP Address which means there is no way for Riot to trace back any tangible evidence to the account being elo boosted. Another difference is that we use clean residential (home) IP Addresses and not overused IP’s from proxy farms like other services. We are partnered with several Residential IP firms to keep our clients safe.

7. What if my booster flames or AFK?

We understand our clients' concern for situations such as these, but you can be assured that we have interviewed our top tier boosters rigorously to make sure they do not have a negative personality or tendencies to flame in the game. We warn boosters of pay deductions in instances like this so it urges them more not to talk while playing.

By the off chance the booster does and you are penalised, please let our live chat department know! We will punish or remove the said booster immediately and also incentivize you with a free 1,350 - 2,000 RP Skin (Or a full/partial refund of your order) as an apology in behalf of our booster and to ensure it will not happen again.

8. Will I be able to play on my account during the boost?

Yes, you can play on your account whenever you choose to as long as the booster is not currently logged in or in game.
There are several ways to check this:
1. Login to your account on the mobile app and check.
2. Check your own OP.GG and check if the booster is in game.

If you wish to play for long periods of time, be sure to pause your order on the order dashboard so the booster is notified!

9. I input wrong details but I already payed!

Not to worry, if you inputted the wrong account details like password/username you can change it during your order on the dashboard and the booster will be updated. However, with information that cannot be changed after payment like server region, please contact our live chat team and we will change it to the server you reside in with no problem.

10. Can I spectate my booster?

Of course! Not only does our Elo boosting services help clients achieve their desired rank, we also want them to improve as well! We have a built in spectator feature using API from the League of Legends just like OP.GG You can ask our boosters things like why they made certain decisions and they will provide you with insight at no extra cost (95% of boosting services don’t offer this).

11. I don’t want my friends knowing I was boosted!

One of our highest core values is to respect our client's privacy. Therefore, we can mask the suspicions of your peers thinking you were boosted by:
1. Playing your preferred champions and roles as often as possible.
2. Appearing offline to everyone on your friends list so they do not disturb you.

12. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for orders that are either starting, in progress or completed.

13. How do I know my account won’t be hacked?

If you have an email associated with your League of Legends account, regardless whether the password has been altered you can recover your account instantly through the main League of Legends website.

14. I want to use the same booster from my previous order.

Please contact the live chat to get this arranged. If available we will assign your order to said booster at no extra charge.

15. I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for in this FAQ.

Feel free to ask in the chat to your bottom right and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Our Support Live Chat is Online 24/7! Feel free to ask us anything!